mix max Olympian fat shredder

Fitness Level: All
Duration: 4 weeks
Good For: Weight Loss, Engaged Abs, Strength, Lean Muscles, Toning, Burning Fat, Stress Relief
Equipment: Dumbbells, Foam Roller, Yoga Mat, Plyo Boxes, Flat Bench, Stepper Platform


This is the beginners level for MIX MAX OLYMPIAN SHREDDER" this program is designed for individuals seeking a toned physique and reduced body fat. Each session lasts 30 minutes, but it can be repeated for a 60-minute workout, as I often do. The program requires only a dumbbell and a sturdy object, such as a bench, table, couch, Plyo box, or even a bed. Workouts are customizable and can be adjusted to personal preference. The plan can also be paired with weight training plans from the app or personal workout routines. For more information about workout plans contact support@doviesfitness.com