Mix Max Olympian Full Body Gains

Fitness Level: All
Duration: 4 weeks
Good For: Muscle Gain, Lean Muscles, Toning, Muscle Mass, Back, Legs, Biceps, Shoulders, Calves, Quadriceps
Equipment: Dumbbells, Resistance Band, Flat Bench, Band, Stepper Platform


This full-body workout plan is suitable for individuals of different fitness levels, from beginners to advanced. It focuses on developing lean muscles and strengthening and toning all major muscle groups. Each workout session targets all major muscle groups but excludes one body part based on the day, so it can be combined with the MIX MAX OLYMPIAN GAINS workout plan to create a full one-hour gains workout. This plan requires at least 20 reps per set, while the MIX MAX Olympian Gain plan uses only 10 slow reps. When it comes to the weight you choose, it depends on your own strength. This workout can be performed both at home and at the gym. If you're at home, you'll need some resistance bands for back rows and lat pulldowns, but if you're at the gym, you can use cable and pulley machines. If you don't have the necessary equipment for an exercise, you can substitute it. If you need assistance in creating a workout plan or have questions, contact support@doviesfitness.com