Mix Max Ultimate Upper Body Builder

Fitness Level: All
Duration: 4 weeks
Good For: Back Fat, Flabby Arms, Back, Biceps, Shoulders, Core Strength, Triceps, Full Upper Body
Equipment: Dumbbells, Table, Wall


The Mix max ultimate upper body Gainer is designed for those who want to build, toned, or sculpt their upper body. This workout is good for your Biceps, Triceps, chest, back, and shoulders and overall upper body strength. Each of the weeks has the workouts that you are going to do already set up. But you can save the workouts to your workout list and change the days if you want. For example, if you want to do back on Mondays instead of the chest, you can change it. Also, all the workouts in the plan can be edited to suit your fitness level. All you need is a dumbbell, a table, bench press table if you have it, or a plyo box. The workouts are easy to do, and it will help you towards your fitness goal. This workout plan is designed to focus only on your upper body. But you can mix this plan with other workouts or workout plans so that you can do your leg workouts, abs, and cardio. This is just designed for those who want new upper body workouts. If you want a full-body gainer plan, then check THE SHRED MAX GAINS 3.0. It comes with the full-body workouts, including abs and obliques workout Note: Download all the workout once you add this to your plan so you can use it even when you have bad internet