Mix Max Stepper Shredder

Fitness Level: All
Duration: 4 weeks
Good For: Weight Loss, Engaged Abs, Strong Core, Lower Abs, Muffin Top, Love Handles, Strength, Lean Muscles, Toning, Full Upper Body, Full Lower Body, Burning Fat
Equipment: Dumbbells, Stepper Platform


This workout plan is designed for those who enjoy doing stepper workout. The workout plan will target your full body, but mainly it will target more of your lower body because of the stepper. This is really great for those who want to get their lower body toned and shredded. It will help you burn unwanted fat and also help get rid of cellulite. All you need is some dumbbells, a stepper, and space. This plan is for only four days a week. You can follow the days as it is on the plan, or You can split the days apart however you like. All the workouts involve in the program can also be edited. You can replace some exercises or add more rest time or exercise time. You have the freedom to edit the full plans or the workouts. Once you add the plan to your plan list, download the workouts to use it offline, and also, you don't have to add the plan again. You can access all your workout plans and workout in your PROFILE - MY PLAN.